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When was Winnebago Industries incorporated?
Winnebago Industries was incorporated under the laws of the state of Iowa on February 12, 1958 and adopted its present name on February 28, 1961.
Where is Winnebago Industries' stock traded?
Winnebago Industries' common stock is traded under the symbol "WGO" on the New York Stock Exchange.
When was Winnebago Industries first traded?
Winnebago Industries' first public offering was on January 24, 1966 at $12.50 per share and the Company was listed on the NYSE on September 9, 1970.
Has Winnebago Industries' stock ever split?
June 17, 1966 - 2 for 1 split
December 14, 1966 - 5 for 1 split
September 16, 1967 - 2 for 1 split
May 27, 1968 - 2 for 1 split
May 27, 1969 - 2 for 1 split
September 13, 1971 - 2 for 1 split
June 7, 1972 - 2 for 1 split
March 5, 2004 - 2 for 1 split
Does Winnebago Industries pay a cash dividend?
Winnebago Industries’ currently pays a quarterly cash dividend of $0.27 per share.
How can I purchase shares in Winnebago Industries?
You can purchase Winnebago Industries' common stock through any registered broker.
Does Winnebago Industries offer a dividend reinvestment plan?
Winnebago Industries does not offer any direct dividend reinvestment plan.
Who do I contact regarding lost stock certificates or change of address?
Our transfer agent is EQ Shareowner Services
1-800-468-9716, 651-450-4064 or
When does Winnebago Industries' fiscal year end?
We follow a 52/53-week fiscal year, ending the last Saturday in August.